Our Wedding

On August 18th, 2013, I met the most amazing person online, and we both instantly knew that we had found something special. Exactly one year later (to the day), my beautiful wife Crystal and I got married in a small ceremony at Nesselrod B&B in Radford, Virginia.

We had a professional photographer for the wedding, so there are lots of great pics of that, however you’ll notice that some of the other albums are kind of lacking. Like our honeymoon pics, we were simply having way too much fun to remember to take pictures, and most of the pictures we did take are from the Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach.


Welcome to greg.xyz!

This is now my new personal hub for friends and family, and the old site is going to be used for a bit more of a professional landing page, since that domain gets good rankings for my name.

It’s probably going to take me a while to get everything fully migrated over, so please bear with me.

The New Toy

I’ve been making quite a few healthy changes in my life recently, and to continue with that I’ve picked myself up a new toy so that I’ll get off my ass more often.


Welcome To The New Chetcuti.com

I’ve decided to set chetcuti.com up as my permanent home online, so I’m in the process of manually moving all the posts, information, and tools over from my old site on Greg.ca. So if you happen to see some things that are a bit odd (one post from 2005 and nothing from 2006), it’s simply because the old information hasn’t been fully moved over yet. Only a few hundred more posts to go. Awesome.

I finally decided that however handy it was, it was next to impossible to keep my own software up-to-date in my ‘spare’ time, so I’m moving over to something open source and widely supported. It’ll be a slow move, but completely worth it in the end.

The joys of building a custom CMS, and then abandoning said CMS.